Here are a few examples of companies who we’ve helped improve.

Junior Einstein

We helped Junior Einstein cut their hosting costs by over 80% by migrating their cluster from their costly hosting partner to a completely new state of the art cluster with AWS. We managed this migration together with their new system administration partner.
During this migration we also set up a new server strategy using Docker as a basis for all their web services and development. Part of this new strategy was a completely new deployment street which was built from scratch.

We also helped streamline their development by implementing automated testing strategies, as well as development methodologies. This helped Junior Einstein to hire new developers who fit it more easily. These developers got up to speed more quickly because of the standardised methodologies and rely on existing tests to build new code more confidently.


Ubeo was working with 5 different frameworks, with a scattered cluster. We helped Ubeo modernise their platform while merging all the different frameworks into just a single one.

During this period, Ubeo won several awards, including that of the fastest growing tech startup in Spain.


We helped Amgate consolidate their scattered infrastructure. We merged several servers together, lowering their overall infrastructure costs. We also upgraded their development and deployment strategies.